Our Ideal Clinic

Real Direct Relationships


Our community asked us for healers who know them and are fully present and willing to touch them emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We want that too!

Dunes Family Clinic is a place where happy, healthy healers inspire patients to live happy, healthy lives without third party intermediaries driving decisions.

Integrative Healing


Healing arts professionals must work in concert for the wellbeing of patients, families and the community. We work to provide easily accessible, on-site complementary therapies.

At Dunes Family Clinic, we focus on healing the whole person. Because patients are so much more than the sum of their illnesses.

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Convenient Access


Families want care when they need it. So we offer same day appointments, evening and weekend hours, and we embrace smartphone telemedicine technology that brings patients and their caregivers together without getting in the way.

Visits are set at thirty minutes or longer so patients can speak uninterrupted and feel heard, understood, and cared for.